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Where in the world?: Mustard Crusted Haddock Fillet

I didn’t eat the paddock last night. I had boiled potatoes with parsley butter and a sandwich. But I’m always curious about from where the meat and fish are coming. Through my work with the Bennington Sustainable Food Project, I’ve gotten to know Bill Scully, Director of Dining Services, and Art Amuso, Executive Chef and … Continue reading

Feeling Conflicted

“Conflict Kitchen is a take-out restaurant that only serves cuisine from countries that the United States is in conflict with.” It’s purely correlation that the most delicious cuisines come from the countries with whom the U.S. is conflict, right? If they’ve got the oil we want, the terrorists we want, or the designs on nuclear … Continue reading


I found both of these projects on Edible Geography, a blog written by Nicola Twilley. I met her this past spring at a dinner, but actually spent more time talking to her parents. I told them I loved their daughter’s blog. I wish I had said more intelligent things. You Are What You Eat Save … Continue reading


I want this tattooed on my arm. Ever since I saw Sarah Wigglesworth’s series of drawings in Eating Architecture , I knew it was meant to be. I’m tired of hearing about “Food as Art”. It is an experience, yes, and the presentation can be beautiful, but the majority of the world’s population can’t afford … Continue reading

Drinks on a Train

Food and drink as a barometer of society. It doesn’t get any better than this. This is an oldie, but a goodie. No pun intended. Edible Geography almost always says it best. I was in a group tutorial last term in which I wrote a paper on the the development of a local food ideology … Continue reading

Heating Pipes, Plaster and Manholes

This week I was given an assignment in Foundations of Spatial Thinking and Forming to do a plaster cast of a horizontal surface. I chose the manhole cover behind my house which gives maintenance access to the campus heating system. It was the first time I worked with plaster, and considering all of the things … Continue reading

Where should I go for long weekend?

It’s three weeks away. Which northeastern city will it be? Philly? New York? Montreal? Baltimore*? Miami**? I always go to NYC  for LW and I will have just been there for the Creative Time Summit October 9th and 10th. But I don’t have any contacts in Philly or Montreal, so I’d have to book a … Continue reading